I will be playing a small solo show at the Parkhouse Bar on Saturday, July 29. I will also be performing with the Pasadena Symphony and Pops in August and appearing on KPRI this summer with Cathryn Beeks. Full band shows are on hold until fall as I am in studio producing three new artist projects! When I have a moment to breathe, I dig into my own tunes for my 2015 release. Hit one of my clients gigs you you might catch me. ;) 


Francesca has partnered with opening up her studio to students across the world! Previously, Francesca's skills were only available locally or to the small few that could afford to supply transport for on location recordings. Today, with the miracles we carry in our pockets everyday, Francesca can work with you virtually anywhere. Francesca has coached touring bands on different continents, clients in tv studios, and musicians all over the country, all from cell phones and/or laptops! Book a session today! 

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Francesca's new solo debut album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and in select stores across the country... or buy it here!

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Help me support independent artists and kids who can't afford the typical rates. Help me go the extra mile in the studio for you, for your kids. Help me make OUR studio get better! And help me get our music our there!


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